Blank Comic Book (Blank Comic Book for Kids)
Blank Comic Book (Blank Comic Book for Kids)

Blank Comic Book (Blank Comic Book for Kids)

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"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." -Dorothy Parker

Mom-tested, kid-and-adult approved blank comic book! This activity workbook includes:

Four different, kid-approved templates
  • Over one hundred pages of blank comics
  • Several panel sizes and thickly lined gutters
  • Pictorial explanation and a written glossary of comic strip parts
  • A dedicated space for the comic creator to write their name
  • 8.5” by 11” professionally-bound activity books with white paper
  • Tested with colored pencils, pens, crayons, and markers, and approved with multiple thumbs-up
This DIY comic book was designed by a New York Times bestselling author and mother of four—two boys and two girls, spanning preschool and grade school—to help them see how a blank page is an opportunity for their minds to run free. (And also, if we’re being honest, to obliterate the dreaded “I’m bored.”)

There’s a reason kids don’t have to think outside of the box—they don’t know the box exists. A creative outlet is a gift that gives exponentially. Creativity fosters intellectual invisibility. Thoughts become fluid and dynamic. Problem-solving and innovation spark.

It does not matter if your child is a budding Stan Lee or has only colored on the walls, this DIY blank comic book is for you.

If you’re not shopping for a kid: High-five. Illustrating comics and penning graphic novels rocks. You know it. We know it. We even think the blank panels know it. Enjoy!